Looking to renovate your retail store or expand into a new location?  Castone has the retail experience to make your dreams a reality.  We have proven experience with some big repeat clients.  We are the exclusive Supplement King and Ren’s Pets builder for all their new storefronts across Canada.  There is a reason we continue to build stores for these fine clients: our communication and our ability to get things done and open on time.  We are ready to meet new retail partners, let us know what you need!

Picture of Supplement King

Supplement King

Castone has been building the Supplement King stores here in Nova Scotia and across Canada for many years. From St Johns Newfoundland to Victoria BC, our boots have been in every store. Our rich experience of construction work in every province has given us the connections to various local subcontractors to get the jobs done. We are so proud to have multiple dozens of these stores on our resume, with many more in the pipeline!

"Castone continues to consistently exceed our expectations. Their quality workmanship and cost efficiency is to our expectations, while never missing a deadline is why they have built out 32 locations (and counting) for us from coast to coast. "
Roger King
Picture of Ren's Pets Facade

Ren's Pets

Our major success with Supplement King has provided Castone the opportunity to build multiple Ren’s Pets locations across the Maritimes and Ontario. We have a special relationship growing with our friends at Ren’s, and we could not be happier with the bright future we have together.

"Ren's Pets has been a great partner with Castone since 2019! We work closely with Matt; he is very professional, prompt and knowledgeable. He thoroughly explains the project from start to end, has valuable input on permit drawings and is ready to navigate situations as they arise in the for-ever changing field of construction. We have opened 9 of our locations with Castone and are very excited to continue our new store growth with them! Even after our stores open, Matt is always available to help support Ren's in any way needed. Castone is a part of the Ren's family!"
Jessica O'Connor
Project Manager
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