Neptune Renovation

Neptune Renovation

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15,000 ft2


Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Project Information

Neptune Theatre Foundation’s theatre spaces were dated and lacking up to date performance technology. Neptune engaged Castone Construction in a design-build project that spanned 4 years, to renovate the Scotiabank Stage and Fountain Hall.

Both projects were subject to unique challenges that working in a theatre entails. The building is quite old and has undergone a number of previous renovations, so in many cases some unexpected structural challenges arose. In both phases of the project, the other theatre was in full operation with rehearsals, even shows and day time matinees, so there were some schedule challenges to ensure dust and noise were controlled during these times. Phase 2 was exceptionally challenging as the Argyle Street Beautification Project started on the same day as the Neptune Project. Parking, deliveries, and overall site access has been a constant struggle due to the street excavation. Even with the challenges, Castone was able to keep both renovation projects on schedule and on budget.

This project demonstrates our ability to deliver a large scale project with a major technical scope on time and budget, and shows we can adapt to external challenges that arise from working in the heart of downtown Halifax.

Review from - Andrew Deacon, Operations Manager, Neptune Theatre Foundation

Castone helped us define our goals and did so in a manner that showed real respect and understanding for what we wanted to achieve and how we needed to work in order to achieve it. ”

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