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Castone Construction offers a range of construction services to oversee and manage a project from start to finish. We will handle various aspects of the construction process, including planning, organizing, and executing the project. Some of the common construction services includes:


Project Management

Castone acts as the main point of contact and coordinate all activities involved in the construction project. We manage timelines, budgets, and resources to ensure the project’s successful completion.


Subcontractor Management

Castone Construction has extensive experience hiring and managing subcontractors for specialized tasks such as plumbing, electrical work, drywall, and more. Castone will oversee subcontractor selection, contracts, scheduling, and quality control.


Self-performed Construction

Castone employs over two dozen carpenters who have the skills to perform and oversee much of our work.  Having skilled carpenters in house provides Castone flexibility around scope-gap issues and overall execution of the project.


Construction Planning

Castone Construction has experience developing and reviewing detailed construction plans, including site layout, logistics, and sequencing of tasks. We ensure compliance with building codes, permits, and regulations.


Procurement and Material Management​

Castone Construction procures construction materials, equipment, and supplies needed for the project. We manage the delivery, storage, and handling of materials, ensuring they are available when required.


Quality Control

Castone Construction will supervise and coordinate construction activities on-site. We ensure work is carried out according to specifications, quality standards, and safety regulations. Castone will also manage any changes or unforeseen issues that arise during construction.


Cost Control

Castone Construction will monitor project costs, track expenses, and manage the project budget. We provide cost estimates, control expenses, and identify cost-saving opportunities whenever possible.

Communication and Reporting

Castone Construction understands that it is crucial to maintain open communication with stakeholders, including clients, architects, engineers, and subcontractors. We provide regular progress reports, address concerns, and facilitate effective collaboration.

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